At the beginning, the story was in Portugal only. But now, you can find our products in many countries, both under our brands Quinta d’Avó and Quinta’s, as well as under private labels too. Of course, except for Portugal where we are delivering the stores by ourselves, it is impossible to give you the name of all the stores where you could find us in the world. So please find herewith the contacts of our distributors and partners in the world. All are friends, they will help you.

Portugal: Supermarkets and Cash & Carry
Jumbo, Pingo Doce, El Corte Inglês,  Recheio, Leclerc da Caldas da Rainha e de Cascais, Garrafeira Soares, João Gomes Camacho, Batista & Batista, Lojas francas dos aeroportos, os supermercados Apolónia, Arcol, Miosótis em Lisboa, e todo o mercado municipal de Loulé.

Vinhoteca, Acacio Duarte, DE 41569 Rommerskirchen

Portu-Shop-Jena, Kirchplatz 6, D-07743 Jena

German Online Shops:
PepperPark GmbH
Gutenbergstr. 3
28844 Weyhe-Dreye

PORTUGAL-LIEBE, (webshop coming soon)

Agriberia, Les Aubrais, Orléans,
Atlantico, Croydon CR0 4ZS,
 ALPIPRO Lukasz Piwnicki, Wroclaw, tel. 0048 604 587 247,

PANPEDRO, Wroclaw,

Erkkilänkatu 11-3rd floor, 33100 Tampere
BERGFOOD, Oosterhout,
BUGNET SPAROCHI, Le Grand-Lancy, Genève,
LINDASOL, Goteborg,
ALPIPRO Lukasz Piwnicki, Worsaw,


ALSUS TERRARUM, Zelenograd, Moscow,
PIRI SOS GIDA, Besiktas, Istanbul,


EDOKO FOODS, Port Coquitlam, VA,

Where you get it?

In Portugal it’s quite easy to find us as we are in the main retailers and Cash & carry. Abroad, if we are present under one of our brands, i.e. Quinta d’Avó or Quinta’s, then you’ll find the name of our importer herewith. Get in touch with them, they’ll help you to know where to find our products close to your place. In many case, we are present abroad under local brands which are not our property, and some of our importers prefer not to disclosure the manufacturer. So we won’t tell you.

Private Labels fo Local Brands

We do private label, which means in many cases, we put the label and the brand of our customer on top of our product. As we are a small company, we do not have the money to develop the communication for a real global brand, nor are we really interested in getting a big name in the sauces business. Professional people know us, and that what matters. In some of the cases, we do new products to fit an external market and the launch is done under a private label. We have all the necessary certifications to supply very big customers. But it’s true that we do not accept to do everything under a private label, we kind of select the customers who shares our values to work together with them. And clearly, quality has to be a common goal. If you want us to do your brand, please talk to us.

Customer Service

Our customer service department is available to answer questions or to assist in selecting products. We are listening to the ideas of our customers and encouraging an open dialogue. Please call us at +351-219-663892 between 10 am and 5:00 pm GMT, Monday through Friday, or send us an email through the contact área.