A New Organic Paprika Purée

We are ready to launch a new Organic Paprika purée. Organic seeds from the USA have been planted in an organic farm in Portugal, bell peppers have been cropped and fermented in our plant. We added a small amount of Organic Alcohol vinegar to give more shelf life. Of course as the paprika purée will [...]

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A new website

As you can see, we built up a new website. It is quite diferente from the previous one, clearer, simpler, less romantic probably. It is technically more adapted to the people who go in through a mobile phone. It has been designed to give a rapid access to all the ranges we have and to [...]

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A new Chicken Peri-peri wet hot marinade

We have a new child in our range for chicken restaurants, a wet hot chicken peri-peri marinade, to be brushed on chicken before going to the grill. It complements the DRYMIX chicken peri-peri marinade who is a blend of spices specially designed to be rubbed on chicken before going to precook in a steam oven. [...]

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Quinta’s & Asperger children

We are getting help from APSA, a Portuguese association caring children with Asperger's syndrom. They are preparing some very nice plastic cases containing our sauces to be displayed in all the airports of Portugal. APSA is a really nice team, they really do their best to help the children. So if you go through a [...]

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