Gluten-free for Quinta d’Avó

Thanks to our friend Elsa, we have been really sensibilized to gluten allergies. So we decided to check carefully all our products to be sure that they were really gluten-free.  And they are.

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A New Organic Paprika Purée

We are ready to launch a new Organic Paprika purée. Organic seeds from the USA have been planted in an organic farm in Portugal, bell peppers have been cropped and fermented in our plant. We added a small amount of Organic Alcohol vinegar to give more shelf life. Of course as the paprika purée will [...]

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A new website

As you can see, we built up a new website. It is quite diferente from the previous one, clearer, simpler, less romantic probably. It is technically more adapted to the people who go in through a mobile phone. It has been designed to give a rapid access to all the ranges we have and to [...]

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A new Chicken Peri-peri wet hot marinade

We have a new child in our range for chicken restaurants, a wet hot chicken peri-peri marinade, to be brushed on chicken before going to the grill. It complements the DRYMIX chicken peri-peri marinade who is a blend of spices specially designed to be rubbed on chicken before going to precook in a steam oven. [...]

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Quinta’s & Asperger children

We are getting help from APSA, a Portuguese association caring children with Asperger's syndrom. They are preparing some very nice plastic cases containing our sauces to be displayed in all the airports of Portugal. APSA is a really nice team, they really do their best to help the children. So if you go through a [...]

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